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"Closet, Serial Entrepreneur."

Even though Brad doesn’t consider himself a serial entrepreneur, history would show otherwise.  After choosing to not go to medical school in college, he pivoted his goals to helping individuals build their dreams and healing companies that needed a lift, instead.  His education has helped him to create a disciplined, systematic approach to working with clients and individuals across a wide spectrum.

Brad attributes his ability to learn quickly and leverage data to make the best choice for the moment and build out systems to scale everything he does. After helping start over 20 different businesses, he still manages multiple with many of them reaching annual 7 figure revenues and helping others do the same.

But when Brad’s not in the office, you can find him nerding out at the bee yard, playing board games or walking his dog, Clark, around downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


A Podcast for the Hustlers

Want to feel like you’re not alone in building your dream. Join me on my journey as I walk you through all of the challenges of achieving the life you want to live. We’ll talk about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing through my experiences, my clients experiences and interviews I have with guests at all stages of building their dream. So join me and “LETS BUILD THIS”

Brad's Latest Blog Posts


Sketchy Ideas is a video podcast where Michael and Brad illustrate and debate concepts surrounding leadership, business, and personal achievement in a way that’ll make you think twice before you implement that NEW IDEA!

  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Change
  • Personal Growth
  • Much More

Programs [COMING SOON!]

Brad’s Team and Network of Experts has put together some of the best information for business leaders… no matter what stage you or your business is at.  Check out all the courses, free resources and content in each of the different areas below.


Have an idea, a new startup, you’re a solopreneur or a know someone who is?

Everything from sales and marketing to product/service design and all the operational pieces to make it work.  It takes some basic skills to ensure your business generates cashflow right away and you can make sure you have systems in place to keep your clients and customers happy.


Are you past the point of building foundations and are looking for ways to systematize your business?  

This is the area for you.  Scale your sales, customer service or even your supply chain.  You probably are dealing with a variety of new challenges or growing pains with keeping up or managing your team.  Here’s the resources for you.


Do you have a business and now you’re looking for more ways to make an impact?

Here’s a set of resources to scaling yourself, your impact and much more.  It’s time to fully embrace being a leader outside of your business and make the impact you’ve been dreaming of.  It’s time to step into a new role where you help others.

Interested in Working With Brad and His Team?

“If you haven’t figured out by now… I’m kind of a hands-on problem solver.  I work with all of my 1-on-1 clients to solve THEIR problems.  I don’t try to shove a system or a solution down their throat that I want to work.”

“It’s a collaborative effort that requires both of us to work through each step of the challenge.  Often it requires ‘as needed learning’ on both sides.  For the client, it’s mastering new skills, concepts and tools… for me, it’s understanding their business and who the client serves.”

All in all, we work to put together the best resources for the place YOU are in.

Internal Companies with B James Development

Through helping clients all over the world, Brad and the team have invested in a few very special projects.  Each of these projects are mission-driven organizations that have been especially selected for their industry, products and services, and the purpose behind each of them.

We’ve adopted a new simple saying of ‘Business, Bees, Bitcoin… All of them teach us something about ourselves and the world around us.’

Mining With Brad Bitcoin Farming Consulting Logo


“I cannot say enough good things about working with Brad and his team on our initiative.  Each person was extremely professional, communicative and proactive.  All deliverables were completed on time and with impeccable quality.  The detail-oriented deliverables gave me the utmost confidence in allowing them to execute our marketing efforts. Prior to using Brad and his team, we had seen very little traction on our marketing spend, but their team was able to take a small budget and create tremendous results.  We had used other agencies in the past that did not achieve the results that Brad and his team were able to achieve for us.  Our marketing, and thus our success would not be nearly as successful without the team Brad put together.  We would 100% use this team again in any future projects.”

– Taylor (Virtual Prom)

“Working with Brad and his team has been the best learning opportunity I have ever had as a business owner. I feel as though the entire Catalyst team genuinely cares about the success of my business and seeing our team grow as a professionals and individuals. Their services have been the best investment I have ever made.”

– Alexander Gish

Brad and his network opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my small endeavor.  He’s built such a variety of professionals who are willing to take a chance on a small business like mine.  By working through his network and his team, I was able to solidify some critical partnerships. Each of these partnerships help me further focus on what I am best at in building my dream business.”

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